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EnCalcE Introduction

Version: 6.4
Size: 410KB
Released: 04-November-2014
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Have you ever wondered whether it is worth investing in low energy light bulbs or wanted to work out just how much leaving the TV, Video, DVD, Satellite and Hi-Fi on standby is costing you. Do you want to find out how much leaving the computer and broadband router on all the time costs. Or may be you want to help the environment by reducing energy consumption. If the answer to any of these is yes then EnCalcE can help you. To find more energy and money saving ideas check out Practical Home Energy Saving.

Key Features

Calculates the running cost of electrical appliances

Compares two appliances under the same or different conditions

Calculates cost and electricity used

Calculations can include item cost and life

Works with different payback times

Maintains a record of all calculations

Works with variable electricity rates

Calculates amount of CO2 generated

Takes into account standby power use

Takes into account continuous power use

Calculations can include inflation

EnCalcE calculates the cost of purchasing and running electrical appliances, allowing 2 alternative items to be compared under the same or different running conditions, this includes the amount of electricity used, the difference in CO2 generation and can allow for annual inflation. It is also possible to compare mains run appliances with solar powered ones. Variables such as operating life, purchase cost and power (including standby and continuous power) can be independently varied for 2 items for specified payback times, hours of use and electricity cost to work out the true total cost of items. EnCalcE can cope with different charging rates for electricity at different times of the day. The results can be saved to a log file for later analysis. EnCalcE is part of the JSutils group of software utilities which have a theme of energy conservation.See the log file and screen shot for examples of use.

For information on using the program click on using, Details of the formulae used can be found in formulae. Information on the program data limits can be found in data limits. EnCalcE supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, WIndows 7 and Windows 8. See the log file and screen shot for examples of use. Technical Notes relating to EnCalcE can be found in the support section. If the program will not work properly check out the FAQ for suggestions.

The program requires a registration code to run- this can be obtained free for personal non commercial use from the Download page. Registration codes from previous versions are compatible with version 6.4. Commercial licences can be obtained via the licencing page.

To find out what is new and changed in version 6.4 have a look at History.

If you have a problem with this program, have any suggestions for improvement or have a novel use for it then let us know. Before reporting a problem always check the EnCalcE section of JSutils for the latest FAQ and Known Issues. Although originally designed for the UK EnCalcE is now in use all over the world. We are particularly interested in where our calculators don't work for the charging method used by your utility supplier.


Installation is simple just unzip the installer from the downloaded file, double click on the installer and follow the on screen instructions. You do need administrator privileges to install EnCalcE. As well as installing the program this will also install the help pages. Installation is for all users. Start the program and enter the registration code to start using EnCalcE. If the program will not work properly check out the FAQ for suggestions. EnCalcE can be safely installed over previous installations but it will need re-configuring if the configuration file is overwritten. The existing configuration file will be copied to EnCalcE.old. When upgrading and keeping the original configuration file the inflation figure may be reset to zero this is to allow for a range change in version 4.1. There is normally no need to uninstall a previous version, the only exception to this is when upgrading from versions 2.3 and below and the user upgrading is different to the user who originally installed the program, in this case uninstall the old program first.

Uninstalling EnCalcE

To uninstall EnCalcE use Windows Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel. If you wish to retain any files copy them to a temporary location before uninstalling. All program files and directories in the program root directory (normally c:\program files\JSutils\EnCalcE) are removed including those created by the program.