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Updated: 22-Apr-2014
JSutils Shutdown Utilities And Energy Saving Calculation Software

Support Information

To report a bug, problem, make a suggestion about one of the programs or for commercial licencing click on the relevant link below. Note if the program is not listed below it is no longer supported, check out the utilities and calculator archive areas to see if it is still available and for alternatives, if that is the case we are sorry but we can't help. In most cases there is a newer program that provides the same or better functionality.

If you have a registration problem check out the registration FAQ first. Nearly all of the registration problems reported over the last few years are answered on this page.

If you have a general question take a look at the general FAQ first.

All of our current products support Windows 8. We no longer support Windows 2000. This does not mean our products definitely won’t work on Windows 2000 rather we won’t be testing on this operating system so it is inevitable incompatibilities will creep in. For the foreseeable future we will make the last version of each released for Windows 2000 available for download from the utilities and calculator archive areas.

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Utility Support

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For commercial licencing take a look at the Commercial Licencing Information before contacting us.

Our design philosophy guides how we design our software.

To find out more about forthcoming program updates check out the latest JSutils news on the Software Miser blog.

To contact us for any other reason click on contact JSutils

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