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17-November-2014  A new page explaining how JSutils deals with Quality Assurance has been added.

12-November-2014  The energy saving calculator index page has been updated.

05-November-2014  The November newsletter from JSutils is available on the SoftwareMiser blog.

04-November-2014  Electricity cost comparison calculator EnCalcE has been updated to version 6.4. See the EnCalcE history. for change information.

30-October-2014  The design philosophy has been undated as has the pad index page.

20-October-2014  Gas use and cost calculator EnCalcGU has been updated to version 4.2. See the EnCalcGU history for change info.

15-October-2014  We have been updating the technical notes which can be found in the support section. One example is the note explaining Windows shutdown.

JSutils Shutdown Utilities And Energy Saving Calculators

Download the latest system activity monitors and shutdown utilities to control computers and use the energy saving calculators to calculate out how much you can save on your water, oil, gas and electricity bills at the same time as saving the environment ....

Today's Featured Software: Use AllOff Lite to shut down your computer when not in use

JSutils is the home of a small collection of software associated with energy saving and energy saving calculation developed as a result of a major project to reduce home energy consumption which started in 2004 and in2009 moved on to start all over again in a new house. The site is divided into two main sections, one covering calculators for energy use and the other covering shutdown utilities to help save energy by controlling computers. They all support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and WIndows 8. These is also a small section of useful links to other sites related to software.

One small contribution everyone can make to reducing the production of greenhouse gasses is to reduce energy use (and save money). Computers and related equipment are contributing more and more to this problem as numbers increase, one way to reduce this effect is to make sure computers are only on when they are needed, the activity monitoring and shutdown utilities provide a number of ways of doing this.

How often have you struggled to check a utility bill or work out how much the next bill will be? It is also useful to be able to easily compare energy use of appliances under different conditions and work out how much the energy used is costing. The energy saving calculators provide various options for doing this.

For help selecting the right energy saving calculator or computer energy saving utility for you try our calculator product selector or shutdown utility product selector. If you have a general question or problem check out the support section for general FAQ and technical articles. A number of our pages are available as pdf documents and a listing can be found in the pdf index, this index does not list press releases which are listed in the press release index.

All of the programs require a registration code which is free for personal non commercial use, this can be obtained by navigating to the download page for each program. Registration codes are unique to each program. For information about commercial licencing see the commercial licencing costs page.

To assist with program listing automation all the software programs on this site have a PAD (Portable Application Description) file in the individual program's top level directory. A listing of the PAD files on this site can be found in the PAD index.

To find out more about energy saving and what can be achieved pay a visit to Practical Home Energy Saving. To keep up to date with new and updated programs from JSutils subscribe to the RSS feed below.

Our policy is to continually enhance and improve our software which means that new releases are quite frequent, often these updates are triggered by user feedback which is vital to us. Let us know any suggestions for improvements or bugs you spot in programs by using the contact page of the relevant program. Although originally designed for the UK the utilities and calculators are now in use all over the world. We are particularly interested in where our calculators don't work for the charging method used by your utility supplier.

As part of our quality assurance program all software is digitally signed using a Comodo certificate to give you confidence the software comes from us and that it has not been altered since we produced it. We also virus scan software continuously during development and check for other unwanted software using Kaspersky software. In addition our software is submitted to a number of sites for independent verification that it is clean. See the listing page of any piece of software for more information on who we use.

JSutils is a completely independent site with no commercial affiliations.

If you have your own software related to energy saving or a web site dealing with the reduction of energy use or a blog on the subject and would like us to feature it then feel free to contact JSutils .


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